Trusted Advisor Business Consultant

Trusted Advisor Business Consultant

Trusted Advisor is an Interpersonal Relationship Role

A Trusted Advisor is a person that is recognized by another person as an individual that they can share a situation, their interpretation of the facts and conclusions they have reached with, and expect a critique of their thought process, recommendations for other alternatives to consider and/or confirmation that they have reached a sound conclusion.  The Trusted Advisor is a sounding board which has proven to a critical thinker capable of assisting others in making better decisions.  The Trusted Advisor is considered someone worth listening to provide good common sense advice.  The Trusted Advisor is expected to apply their experience, knowledge, skills to provide insight as to the handling of challenges others face.  The person putting trust in the Trusted Advisor is in effect transferring some responsibility for making a decision to the thought process of the Trusted Advisor.  Therefore, the Trusted Advisor is sharing in the responsibility for drawing the conclusion and making the decision.  Typically the Trusted Advisor has set the expectation of the consequences of the decision. If the consequences do not occur, the trust level is diminished.  Therefore, the Trusted Advisor takes on the responsibility to watch over the situation to ensure that the desired outcomes occur and any promised benefit derived.  When the situation requires others to perform in order to derive the consequences and benefits, oftentimes the Trusted Advisor becomes a cross-functional team Program Manager to shepherd the team to stay focused in order achieve the desired outcomes.  The Trusted Advisor is not only responsible for assisting in making right decisions, but may, also be responsible to see that the decision implementation is executed correctly.  The Trusted Advisor’s delivering promised consequences and benefits, is the final proof that as their role as Trusted Advisor can be relied upon to deliver results.

Sales professionals that take on the role of Trusted Advisor state that they are “Business Consultants” and not product/service providers and/or Sales Representatives and/or Sales Engineers etc.  Trusted Advisor Business Consultants approach sales situations by first doing a great deal of homework about their customers in terms of their industry situation, business model, mission, values and vision in order to frame how best to evaluate the customer’s situation and making recommendations as to courses of action.  Furthermore, Trusted Advisors invest in getting to know the customer’s organization, strengths and weaknesses.  As Trusted Advisor Program Managers they keep the implementation team focused on delivering the results.  The Trusted Advisor is like a Program Manager, taking on the execution management for the entire life cycle of an Initiative.

Trusted Advisor Business Consultants help their customers perceive their needs and envision solutions.  It has been shown that on average 80% of the time managers have not perceived that they have a solvable problem and believe that they must just live with the situation.  This is especially true when the Trusted Advisor Business Consultant is introducing innovative new capabilities, simply because people are not yet aware of the capabilities and positive impact they may have on their organization’s situation.  Once capabilities and the benefits are well known in the marketplace, the customer is already exploring the market for providers to satisfy their need therefore, the Trusted Advisor Business Consultant has higher customer value at early stages of technology advancements etc.  The Trusted Advisor Business Consultant provides the highest customer value when company executives are struggling with ways to improve operations in order to move their organization towards achieving their mission and vision.

If you are a provider of innovative technology wishing to make major sales with high margins, please give us a call to learn more about having your sales professionals become Trusted Advisor Business Consultants. (720) 352-3407.

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