Strategic Sales Group – Sales Process for Commodity and/or Innovation Products

Let’s be clear, sales is a profession and has the potential of adding great value to the organizations they represent and the customers they serve.  Sales professionals have the responsibility to change the buying habits of customers to include the purchase of their company’s products (where products includes and/or services).  The sale professional is in fact, the catalyst for bringing about customer operational improvement

The sales professional’s sales process is dramatically different when the customer must adopt a whole new way of operating when comparing the “disruptive” nature of an “innovative” product to that of a minor adjustment in their way of operation associated with an “improved version” nature of an well “established” product.  Given that the primary challenge is how the customer’s change in operations is the challenge, the selling process always starts with the customer’s buying process. The selling process adapts to nurture and lead the way on the customer’s journey improving their operation.

When introducing “innovative” products to new markets, it requires a significant change in a customer’s activity to recognize that their situation can be improved dramatically.  The “Innovative” selling process focuses on the customer’s higher level management and a conceptual shift in perceiving customer problems, needs, requirements, and solutions. Whereas, the “Commodity” selling process focuses on lower levels of customer management, requires little to no change to a customer’s operations and may emphasize only cost savings.

The Strategic Sales Group – Sales Process Designers have the proven knowledge, skills and abilities to assist their client partner sales leaders in optimizing their sales professional’s performance by designing their sales process to align to customer buying processes to bring about shifts in customer buying habits. The Strategic Sales Group sales process design will provide clarity as to sales execution activities, tools and verifiable outcomes for the entire company (i.e. planning, marketing and sales leadership). Our client partners will know that quality leads are generated, pipelines filled, steps-in-sale progressed in a timely manner, and outcomes managed, forecasts and all sales objectives achieved.

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