Strategic Marketing Partners (SMP) – Superior Marketing

Strategic Marketing Partners (SMP) – Superior Marketing

SMP provides the Superior Marketing complement to Superior Engineering.

These services address the age old adage:

“Superior Engineering coupled with inferior marketing loses every time to inferior engineering coupled with Superior Marketing”

We believe that engineering strives to provide superior products and/or services (capabilities) with the intent of seeing their efforts rewarded by Customers:

  1. Buying their products and/or services
  2. Enjoying its advantages and
  3. Realizing the benefits that the designs were intended to provide.

But, as the adage clearly states, the company must employ superior marketing for this to happen!

The more innovative capabilities are, the more critical it becomes to use Superior Marketing in order for end-users to be able to perceive that they have problems that are solved by new concept capabilities.

End-users must be able to perceive that they have problems that are solved by the superior engineering capabilities and this is the responsibility of superior marketing.

SMP is an industry leader in providing Superior Marketing for companies dedicated to providing Superior Engineering with innovative new capabilities. 

Prism Business Development is dedicated to aligning organizations operations (colors of the rainbow) to provide end-users with high customer value capabilities (pure white light) in the marketplace.

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To find out more how your company can avail themselves of SMP’s Superior Marketing capabilities, contact us or call (720) 304-2784.

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