Services to Ensure our Client’s Success

We ensure that our clients are able to achieve these objectives:

  1. Bring High-Customer Value Products and Services to Market
  2. Drive maximum volumes of business through Sales and Services

In order to achieve these objectives, we coach/assist our clients to:

  1. Discover, verify and validate product and service market potential
  2. Develop Go-To-Market plans aligned with customer needs and/or preferences
  3. Develop product and service initiative teams (form, charter and align operations) focusing on optimizing customer experience
  4. Enable field operations (sales, support, implementation and service) to optimize performance
  5. Develop customer awareness, consideration and predisposition to purchase through customer decision making process avenues (SEO, Mass Communication, Trade Associations, Social Media…)
  6. Oversee the product and services initiative’s execution to ensure continuous alignment with initiative business objectives and focus on achieve desire results

These coaching/assisting services results in having our clients improve Marketing, Sales and Service performance.

Prism assesses its client’s current capabilities and identifies the most significant opportunities to improve operations to increase revenues, margins and position for sustainable growth.

Prism provides the necessary tools and guidance in their use to enable Marketing, Sales, Support, and Service employees to excel in their ability to perform their job, including:


  1. Market Requirements Documentation
  2. Go-To-Market Planning
  3. Life Cycle Planning
  4. Product/Service Marketing – Channel Specific: Placement, Packaging, Pricing, Promotion, and Lead Generation
  5. Launch Management – Distribution, Sales, Sales Support, and Service Readiness
  6. Product/Service Training – Including Ongoing Support (i.e. Value Analysis Competitive Analysis)
  7. Product/Service Offer Market Acceptance Management

Sales & Service:

  1. Sales Operational Planning
  2. Compensation Management
  3. 10. Channel Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
  4. 11. Sales Manager – Sales Professional Staffing, Territory Assignments, Performance Management & Management Reporting
  5. 12. Sales – Territory, Account, Opportunity Management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  6. 13. Sales Support – Assessment, Evaluation of Alternatives, and Solution Design
  7. 14. Service – Implementation Management & Ongoing Maintenance Management
  8. 15. Lead Management
  9. 16. Periodic Sales Management Review Management
  10. 17. Kick-Off Event Management

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