Sales Operations Director Services

Prism Sales Operations Director professionals are knowledgeable and highly skilled at representing sales to all members of the organization’s cross functional team.  We have successfully enabled sales organizations to sell highly innovative new products and/or services to new markets.  We have enabled sales professionals to focus on sales execution to optimize account penetration and growth, build a strong pipeline of qualified opportunities, execute sales processes effectively and efficiently, recover from competitive attacks and achieve difficult sales goals.

Prism’s Sales Operations Director consultants have proven track records in sales, sales management, sales support, sales support management, solution implementation professional services, system maintenance and support services.  Prism Sales Operations Director capabilities include:

  • Identifying Sales Business Objectives
  • Develop & Manage Sales Operational Plan
  • Developing and Communicating Sales Compensation
  • Assigning Territories and Quotas
  • Sales Teaming, Process, Methodology, Activities, Aids and Tools Enablement
  • Product and/or Service Enablement – What, Who, Why, Where, When & How with Industry Positioning, Value Analysis, Competitive Analysis
  • Establishing Performance Yardsticks and Sales Professional individual Performance Standards
  • Territory Management & Ideal Customer Targeting with Marketing Success Stories Collateral
  • Industry & Channel Specific Marketing Promotions Planned & Executed
  • Collateral Review
  • Lead Generation Follow-Up Monitoring
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Cold Call Activity
  • Account Management & Ideal Opportunity Targeting
  • Opportunity Management Sales Professional Perceives Winnable, Valuable Opportunity
  • Prospective Customer Engagement: Sales Process Execution: Verifying, Qualifying, Solution Designing, Closing, Implementing & Communicating to Customer Sponsor/Champion Promised Customer Results monitoring
  • CRM provide the sales professional with the tools they need to perform their tasks and ensure CRM adoption.  We assist our clients in the selection, configuration, sales professional aids & tools deployment, sale performance monitoring & management reporting.
  • Pipeline Monitoring, Sufficient Opportunities & Sales Engagement Process Loaded to Achieve YTD Quota
  • Performance Problem Identification & Sales Management Corrective Action
  • Real-Time Online Competitive Analysis Support – Strategies & Counterstrategies
  • Real-Time Online Value Analysis Support
  • Territory Reviews
  • Account Reviews
  • Marketing Reviews
  • Problem Escalation & Resolution
  • Channel Reviews
  • Channel Conflict Resolution
  • Major & Strategic Opportunity Reviews & High Visibility Management Reporting
  • Major Customer Implementation Project Review (i.e. milestone and completion monitoring)
  • Stack Ranking Reports
  • Skills Improvement Training
  • Business Objectives Review (i.e. not only revenue, but margin and expense guidelines)
  • Business Intelligence Analytics & Management Reporting Systems
  • Data mining sales transaction database to identify customer purchase patterns
  • Recognition Newsletter
  • Product/Service Offer Market Acceptance Review
  • Sales Team Event Management – Kickoffs, Reviews, Outstanding Performance Recognition
  • New Hire Fast Ramp to Productivity – Everything Sales Professional Needs to Know about their job, roles and responsibilities, business processes, how to access resources etc.

If you would like to learn more about how Prism Sales Operations Director services can improve your sales organizations performance, contact us at or call us (720) 352-3407.

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2 thoughts on “Sales Operations Director Services

  1. Penny Sutton

    Are any of the Sales Operations Services available ala carte?
    If so, please get back to me.
    Our sales professionals are requesting many of these services to provide the tools they need to increase their win rate and to ensure our customers have industry leading service throughout the relationship
    Thanks for writing this blog!
    P Sutton


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