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Prism Business Development – Public Relations (PR) Services

Public Relations or PR is the marketing communications discipline dedicated to increasing customer awareness, consideration and hit (predisposition to purchase) for your products and services “capabilities” and your company.

Our client PR service develops client strategies that start with identifying what an ideal customer community is and then sets out to educate, gain mindshare and to build confidence in your product, services and your company within that customer community.

To capture mind share requires that we develop our client’s name recognition. Therefore PR creates a brand image that can be used over and over again in customer communications in order to have the customer remember the brand and all of the information that has been provided.

Our PR services accomplish its task of educating and informing the customers by finding out where the customer’s hang out (where they congregate, what they read, where they get their information to conduct their business or live their lives) and provides these places with educational articles, technical discussions, customer surveys etc. A typical customer industry will have events, presentations, forums etc. where the PR activities will participate (i.e. trade shows, trade journals, trade press, user groups, trade associations, buyer’s guides, blogs, newsletters, trusted advisors etc).

Our PR services starts with a focus on performing missionary work to overcome the lack of awareness, consideration and low hit rate (pre-disposition to purchase). We first work to have the market maker customers perceive that they have a solvable problem and our client has proven capabilities to deliver high-value solutions (I refer to as connecting the dots).  Once this business is closed, implementation completed and promised benefits delivered to the market maker customers, we then publish this history as a success stories via landing pages and are able to capture leads to give to sales to qualify further and close the business. Please note that each and every customer’s situation is different and they may or may not perceive their problems, let alone connect the dots to your solution, and are definitely not actively “looking” for your capabilities (80% of the available market).  However, those already looking for a solution to their problems (Considered “Low Hanging Fruit” 20% of the available market) will relate to the PR communications and if curious and/or important enough will respond to a call to action.

Using methods to find customers already looking for your capabilities focuses on the low hanging fruit and ignores the 80% of the market that has not connected the dots.  For instance using Internet PR that relies on entirely on search engine leads may only provide you with access to only 20% of the market, assuming all of those looking use the Internet for their research, communications etc.  See our Solution Selling services to capture the other 80% market share.

If you would like to know more about our Public Relations services call us at (720) 352-3407 or email us at

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