Opportunity Manager for Point Sales Transactions

Opportunity Manager for Point Sale Transactions

To own an opportunity requires that you are engaged in satisfying the immediate customer need, have an opportunity plan, and are coordinating the efforts of partners and sales support services to close this business.

If you are not engaged with the account to grow business beyond an initial opportunity sale as evidenced by a development and execution of a Major Account Manager Plan, then your rights as the Opportunity Manager are limited to the forecasted business.  If there is a Major Account Manager (MAM) in charge of the account, then this business should be either turned over to the MAM or possibly a revenue share teaming is possible, if the MAM agrees to support this arrangement.  Please note that the MAM responsibilities mentioned above, may reside with one of your company’s Strategic Solution Providers and/or Strategic Channel Partners.

Please note that business not awarded as forecasted (with a ninety day grace period), terminates your rights as the Opportunity Manager.   If the opportunity management results in winning the forecasted business for your company and solution partners, and there is a periodic renewal of this business, then the Opportunity Manager continues to be entitled to this residual revenue stream.  Sales Management may periodically re-assign opportunities along with revenue streams to achieve Coverage goals.  Once the Opportunity Manager’s rights have terminated (i.e. business not awarded as forecasted with a grace period of ninety days), all parties are free to call on the account to pursue new business. In addition, if the Opportunity Manager does not forecast other new business and share opportunity management activities with the partners, then partners are free to call on the account to pursue this new business.

If the opportunity includes other partners and the Opportunity Manager performs contract prime reselling of the partner’s products and/or services, then the Opportunity Manager must continue to orchestrate prime contract renewals.  If the opportunity includes co-sell partner sales in order to enable the opportunity win, then the Opportunity Manager needs to include the co-sell partner in the Opportunity Manager’s selling activities to continue to enable the complete solution renewal.  The co-selling partner should, as a courtesy, provide the Opportunity Manager with copies of the quotes and contracts in order to dovetail into Opportunity Manager’s contracting and/or renewal efforts.  Please note that the Opportunity Manager is not involved in the actual presentation and/or contracting of co-sell provider’s services and/or renewals.

Again, the Opportunity Manager is responsible for the opportunity and is not responsible for ongoing account management unless the account is elevated to a Major Account and Opportunity Manager is elevated to the Major Account Manager responsible for business expansion.

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