Leadership Attributes:

  1. Recognition of a Group Need to Take Action to achieve an Objective… time has come for Action
  2. Recognition of a Lack of a Leader… no one else is leading
  3. Undertake the Role as the Leader… had no choice but to step up to the plate and Take the Lead
  4. See at least one Way or a Plan to achieve objective
  5. Direct group members in What to Do
  6. Give the Order to Execute Plan
  7. Monitor team execution, difficulties encountered and Direct them to Take Course Corrections
  8. Be Responsible for the Group’s Success
  9. Be Accountable for Leadership Responsibilities: vision, plan, execution and group success
  10. Recognize and Reward group members for their Individual Successes and importance to Group Success
  11. Step Aside when Group Has New Objective and You No Longer Can Lead

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