Key to CRM Implementation Success! – The Sales Operations Director

The Sales Operations Director is the Key to Ensuring CRM Implementation & Adoption Success

Getting the most out of your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation investment is dependent on who is the CRM Initiative driver.  We have observed that those organizations that have Sales Operations Directors assigned the responsibility of implementing the organization’s CRM are twice as successful as those relying on others including IT.  Why is this?  The Sales Operations Director is already responsible for the collaboration between the entire organization’s cross functional team, including sales, support, service, marketing and administration to bring about Customer Experience Optimization (CEO).  The primary CRM Implementation has the same objective.

Modern high growth organizations know that their success is based upon optimizing the Customer Experience, which enables them to acquire new customers and retain current customers, better than the competition.   Given that Customer Experience Optimization is the responsibility of the Sales Operations Director, and the primary purpose of CRM database tool, it makes a great deal of sense to have the Sales Operations Director drive the CRM Initiative.

At one level, a CRM is a highly configurable specialized database.  When properly implemented, CRM is a database tool that supports all customer facing organizations (i.e. sales, support, marketing, service and admin) in performing their individual functions, as well as working together collaboratively as a team to serve customers.

If you do not currently have a Sales Operations Director, consider hiring one and/or hiring a Sales Operations Consultant to perform this function.  Refer to our Sales Operations Blog entry to learn more about this position, its responsibilities and benefits.

Here are the biggest, and most common reasons CRM Implementations fail:

  1. The CRM is not configured properly to support your organizations operational model
  2. The CRM implementation is driven by someone only interested in sales, or marketing, or service, or admin or IT, and the driver does not understand all the dimensions of the entire customer experience.
  3. The CRM is implementation is inward focused, and not outward customer experience focused

Having a Sales Operation Director as a Product Owner stakeholder, to work with IT’s Agile Project Manager and SCRUM Master, to configure and extend the CRM tool to support your organization’s operational model is the ideal scenario to ensure that your organization seamlessly achieves its growth goals.

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