“Do You Have a Business” – Prism Strategic Marketing Workshop

“Do You Have a Business” – Prism Strategic Marketing Workshop

Prism has developed its “Do You Have a Business” – Prism Strategic Marketing Workshop (PSMW) to provide the tools and processes necessary for entrepreneurs to increase the probability of success in starting their new business.

Research has shown that those entrepreneurs who have successfully completed the PSMW gain clarity and focus on the steps they need to take to build a successful new business.

If and when you need to acquire additional funding for your new enterprise, you will find that PSMW provides the necessary and sufficient answers to the questions angel investors require for them to feel confident of your success.

In addition, as you add founders and staff, you will be able to convey to them with great clarity as to your enterprise vision. This will enable them to focus their efforts more acutely on your achieving market place success, revenue growth and profitability in the shortest time.

Given entrepreneurs are resource constrained, this clarity and focus draws a straight line to success most effectively and efficiently as well as minimizing risk of failure.  Whether you are starting from a technological breakthrough, an idea as to how to improve a process, or from pure entrepreneurial passion, the PSMW will lead you through the necessary and sufficient processes to bring about the clarity and focus you need to ensure you are on the path to success.

The PSMW is a two day intensive workshop where you will learn concepts, have reference examples, and use templates to create your own strategic marketing plan. Your plan will be reviewed right on the spot and you will be coached by experts to have you successfully complete the exercises. The PSMW experts are successful serial entrepreneurs who are eager to ensure your success! If you experience difficulties, the experts will coach you through the processes. If for any reason you still need assistance, you will be referred to PSMW resources having expertise in the area where you need help.

To find out more about PSMW contact the following:


Or give us a call (720) 304-2784 or (720) 352-3407 Workshop Field Office and ask for the

PSMW Coordinator.

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