Difficult Patient Situations & Cultural Barriers to Good Sales Health

Difficult Patient Situations & Cultural Barriers to Good Sales Health

Just as with medical doctors that want the best for their patients, there are “Difficult Patients” that cannot or will not follow the prescribed remedy. Oftentimes the Difficult Patient has beliefs that prevent them from taking the prescribed remedy to cure their illness. These beliefs are referred to as cultural barriers. Cultural barriers include situations where the patient believes:

  1. What worked in the past will work in the future… adherence to historic “process rules”
  2. They know more than the doctor and ignore the diagnosis
  3. The remedy requires them to step outside their comfort zone… venture into scary uncharted territory
  4. That the cure is worse than the ailment
  5. Prescribed remedy violates a tenant of their religion

When doctors observe these cultural barriers, they need to address them as well to the extent that they can within the confines of respect for the patient’s cultural heritage. It might be appropriate to acknowledge the patients fears and to let them know that they are not alone and that there are support systems to see them through the difficulties… others have already blazed these trails and it has already been proven that they will get better if they follow the prescribed remedy.

There will be situations where the doctor’s hands are tied and the patient will not follow the prescribed remedy regardless of the doctor’s coaching and mentoring support. When the Sales Drs. and Medical Drs. encounter the situation where they are unable to help patients due to cultural barriers, it is frustrating to say the least and requires them to accept the fact that they cannot help some patients regardless of their great knowledge, skills and abilities.

Examples of Cultural Barriers encountered by our Sales Dr. preventing them from improving the patient’s sales health include:

  1. Prior patient successes based on different circumstances… and denial and/or unwillingness to recognize the change in circumstances
  2. Patients knowing that they are experiencing pain, but not understand the diagnostic      questions… not cooperate in sharing their symptoms and/or past life style history etc… leading up to their current situation. Oftentimes these patients do not realize the connection between their current situation to life style historic (diet, exercise, smoking etc…. shifts in ideal customer base, archaic Go-To-Market value add strategy, marketing messaging, selling model) root causes
  3. Inability to perceive and accept that a Cultural Change Initiative is required and not willing to commit resources to bring about the prescribed remedy change in operations (i.e add new suppliers, direct marketing to reach out to new ideal customers, add new sales channels and relationship managers, manage channel conflicts, re-assign territories and accounts, add new sales, sales support, implementation and maintenance/support services, sales model)
  4. Comfortable with status quo and not in enough pain to sign up for the prescribed remedy regimen at this time

Unless the patient is proactive in recognizing their pain at the earlier stages of the ailments progression, is already suffering acute pain, they are at risk of not recognizing the need to change their business model… way of doing business. The Sales Dr. can only help patients when they ready to remedy their situation by making the necessary improvements in their strategy and operations (life style),

Doctors love the opportunity to work with patients willing to assist in diagnosing their ailments, open to perceiving/envisioning the doctor’s analysis of root causes/problems, and committing to following the doctor’s prescription for corrective action remedies. Seeing these patients grow and reach good sales health gives the Sales Dr. a great sense of achievement and having provided high patient value-add.

If you would like to know more about how you can get our Sales Doctor to diagnose your situation and put you on the road to recovery and long-term revenue and margin growth, email us at Sales-Dr@prismbusdev.com or call us at (720) 352-3407.

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