Customer Value or Conceptual or Solution Selling Defined

Customer Value or Conceptual or Solution Selling Defined

There appear to be a few misunderstands as to what is meant by the term, so we thought it best that we nail down what we mean when we use any of the variations on Customer Value or Conceptual Selling or Solution selling terminology.

The idea must start with the “Customer” in mind.  The idea is all centered around the perception of the customer, hence “Customer” Value/Concept/Solution.

Next the idea deals exclusively with what is “valued” by the customer,  that is what they perceive as valuable such as a business or personal “advantage” to them like the pleasures of greater revenues, growth, market share, profits or lower costs as well as avoidance of existing or potential pain.  The element of priority is also included such as upcoming event or need to perform within the near term.  Priority is specifying as to what is of higher importance when compared to other things that need to be attended to.

The “concept” element refers to the customers perceiving that they have a “problem” or something that they need to be address and that they are now able to perceive or envision that a “solution” or method  may exist that could possibly provide the advantage they desire.

The “solution” is the element that is perceived by the customer or buyer and provided by the seller.

The process and art of influencing customers to acknowledge their pain, perceive their problem and connecting the dots to perceive that a seller’s capabilities can solve their problem is “Solution” selling.

We prefer to use “Customer Value Selling” version of the terminology, because it focuses directly on what is the objective rather than introduce what are some of the elements of the selling process to achieve the objective.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask them via the comments section.

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