Channel Partner Manager

Channel Partner Manager

The Channel Partner Manager (CPM) assignment is a key element of sales leader’s Coverage Model.  The CPM focuses strategic sales resources on teaming to service Ideal Customers and provide High-Customer Value offers.  The CPM is responsible for ensuring that business potential in Ideal Customer accounts is optimized short and long-term.  To achieve the Ideal Customer sales goals, the CPM Sales Professional must work with and through the Channel Partner to provide the following:

  1. Knowledge of the Strategic Channel Partner’s Business, Marketing, Sales and Distribution Model
  2. Knowledge of the Major Account organization – Parent, Peer, Divisions, Subsidiaries…
  3. Jointly developing a end-user Account Targeting and Mapping of Suspected Opportunities by Product/Service capabilities by the Channel Partner organization
  4. Organizational Org Charts
  5. Marketing – Jointly Develop Marketing Offers, Promotion & Product/Service Training
  6. Exchange of Ideal End-User Customer Identity, Targeting, Promotion & Sales Execution
  7. Joint Aligned Sales Model Execution, Opportunity Management, Forecasting, Pipeline Management and Management Reporting
  8. Effective & Efficient Use of Federated CRM to document the above

If a CPM has not been successful in planning and executing the above activities and/or has not generated the needed business from the Channel Partnership relationship in a timely manner, then the sales leader/manager must re-assign the account in order to achieve their coverage model goals. This situation may occur when there is a personality conflict and/or CPM skills deficiency that cannot be overcome quickly.

Note: The Channel Partner Manager is and integral part of the GTM Plan.

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