Business Development Services for Entrepreneurs & Intrapreneurs


Prism Business Development Services is comprised of the following essential elements:

  1. Bring High Customer Value Products to Market – Identifying & Engaging Ideal Customer Industries (BeachHead Market) & Ideal Customers (Market Makers)
    1. Validating, Verifying Need/Fit, Value Proposition, Business Model, Go-To-Market Plan, Sales/Support/Implementation & Maintenance Services Model(s)
    2. Capture Strategic Customer Partnerships – Product Improvement, Beta Test, Reference, Success Story Publishing & Strategic Partner Investments
    3. Provide Proof of Concept
    4. Enable Field Operations to Achieve Objectives & Goals – Identifying & Engaging Field Operations – Sales, Support, Implementation & Maintenance Channels – Enabling Field Operations
      1. Mapping Go-To-Market channel requirements to channel capabilities
      2. Marketing – Go-To-Market execution, launch, marketing programs…
      3. Engage channels new/updated contracts – aligned business models, aligned sales models, compensation, commissions or margins, reporting, problem escalation/resolution, training requirements
      4. Responsibilities – territories, reporting, market acceptance, problem escalation/resolution
      5. Marketing – channel specific packaging, pricing & promotion, plus communicate company mission, direction, objectives, goals & values (set customer trust & experience expectations)
      6. Product Training – Features, Functions, Value Proposition & Financial Models (Costs, Savings, ROI, Payback etc.), Competitive Analysis, Channel Specific Marketing Lead Generation & Follow-Up Monitoring, Marketing Programs & Feedback Processes & Procedures
      7. Sales, Support, Implementation, Maintenance & Field Operations Management Model Training
      8. Lead & Manage Field Operations - Driving Field Operations to achieve Business Objectives
        • Real-Time Field Operations execution monitoring, problem escalation/resolution, management feedback
        • Validating, Verifying Business Model, Market Acceptance & Marketing Programs Effectiveness
        • Keeping Management Informed Periodically & Problem Escalation/Resolution

These services are provided as one or more of the following roles:

  1. Business Development Field Operations Leadership
  2. Coach or Mentor
  3. Training
  4. Field Operations Outsourcing

Where Product can mean Products and/or Services

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