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Marketing Responsibilities

Marketing’s Responsibilities include:


  • Identify New Market Opportunities
  • Perform Market Research Proof-of-Concept for each Market Opportunity
  • Assist in Selecting Best New Product/Service or Initiative


  • Joint New Product/Initiative Chartered Team
  • Company Identity / Branding
  • Go-To-Market Plan
  • Product Identity / Branding
  • Sales & Sales Support Model
  • Assist Field Operations Channel Engagements
  • Target Ideal Customers
  • Demand Creation à Drive Migration from Unknown to Awareness, to Consideration, and to De-Facto Standard Customer Industry Recognition
  • Manage Lead Tracking
  • Arm/Enable Field Operations Channels
  • Assist in Field Operations Execution
  • Monitor Market Acceptance & Drive Corrective Action
  • Assist Field Operations in Problem Escalation
  • Management Reporting

When Does Marketing Lead the New Product/Service Initiative

  • Prove New Idea / Innovation
  • Marketing & Product Development
  • Early Sales & Manufacturing
  • Selling but not yet turning a profit
  • Expansion investments for Profitable Company
  • Going Public

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“Do You Have a Business” – Prism Strategic Marketing Workshop

“Do You Have a Business” – Prism Strategic Marketing Workshop

Prism has developed its “Do You Have a Business” – Prism Strategic Marketing Workshop (PSMW) to provide the tools and processes necessary for entrepreneurs to increase the probability of success in starting their new business.

Research has shown that those entrepreneurs who have successfully completed the PSMW gain clarity and focus on the steps they need to take to build a successful new business.

If and when you need to acquire additional funding for your new enterprise, you will find that PSMW provides the necessary and sufficient answers to the questions angel investors require for them to feel confident of your success.

In addition, as you add founders and staff, you will be able to convey to them with great clarity as to your enterprise vision. This will enable them to focus their efforts more acutely on your achieving market place success, revenue growth and profitability in the shortest time.

Given entrepreneurs are resource constrained, this clarity and focus draws a straight line to success most effectively and efficiently as well as minimizing risk of failure.  Whether you are starting from a technological breakthrough, an idea as to how to improve a process, or from pure entrepreneurial passion, the PSMW will lead you through the necessary and sufficient processes to bring about the clarity and focus you need to ensure you are on the path to success.

The PSMW is a two day intensive workshop where you will learn concepts, have reference examples, and use templates to create your own strategic marketing plan. Your plan will be reviewed right on the spot and you will be coached by experts to have you successfully complete the exercises. The PSMW experts are successful serial entrepreneurs who are eager to ensure your success! If you experience difficulties, the experts will coach you through the processes. If for any reason you still need assistance, you will be referred to PSMW resources having expertise in the area where you need help.

To find out more about PSMW contact the following:

Or give us a call (720) 304-2784 or (720) 352-3407 Workshop Field Office and ask for the

PSMW Coordinator.

Strategic Marketeer Skills & Personality Profile

Strategic Marketeer


  • Technologist
  • Business Process Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Selling – Educating
  • Motivating
  • Leading / Following
  • Socratic Method & Asking?
  • Listening
  • Perceiving Customer Need & Fit
  • Communicating
  • Strategic Marketing Competence

Personality Characteristics

  • Curiosity – Seeking to Learn and to Understand
  • Openness
  • Confidence
  • Desire to Serve Customers
  • Trusted Advisor
  • Ability to Focus
  • Leadership
  • Strong Intuition
  • Analytic
  • People Oriented
  • Aptitude
  • Attitude
  • Comfort Levels  – People Oriented, Need to Discover , Understand and Serve

The Feature, Function & Benefit Framework

The Feature, Function & Benefit Framework

What is the purpose of the Feature, Function & Benefit Framework?  The FFB Framework is the starting point for developing a sales strategy to persuade customers to buy your product.  We start with an Inventor looking to improve a product (see definition of product below) by adding/modifying/improving a component of the product which is then identified as a Feature of the product.  We then try to determine how the feature(s) improves the Function(s) of the products (i.e. cleaner, faster, stronger, cheaper, etc.) or something it could not do before. Once we get to this point, we ask who might need this improved function and why would they buy the product or how would a customer Benefit by using the product.  Hence, what would motivate a customer to buy your product?  Customers do not buy features and/or functions, they buy the benefits that could accrue to their organization and/or themselves if they used the product.   We will show that customer benefits are unique to each and every customer.  Therefore, we will examine customer Benefits in greater detail a little later.

The FFB Framework & Process – Even though we are in pursuit of customer benefits, we must first start with the identification of unique and/or better features, in order be able to identify how the feature improves the product function, to be able to gain insight as to who would be a customer and why they would use of this improved product to get benefits.

Let’s walk through an example of an invention of adding filter to pipe carry water to a customer community:

Feature Add filter
Function Reduce water contaminants
Benefit Safer water supply

The feature of adding the filter to the water pipe is the invention that came out of the discovery of the filters properties to remove contaminates and the perception that there was a need (i.e. safe drinking water) of the customer community (i.e. necessity is the Mother of Invention).

It is thought that letting the customer community know that they can now have safe drinking water that the members of the community will now want to buy water pipes with filters.

We will see that we are making assumptions that may not be founded on reality.  This approach of selling the idea of providing safe drinking water does not make sense if the customer community:

  1. Does not knows what a contaminate is
  2. Does not knows that the water is contaminated
  3. Does not use pipes to get water
  4. Does not have the funds to buy pipes with filters
  5. Does not perceive that they are suffering from maladies associated with unsafe water
  6. Not preoccupied dealing with a greater more imminent threat to their survival (i.e. being hunted)
  7. Does not trust the pipe sales professional, water pipe and/or water pipe company

We often hear that if we build a better mouse trap, people will beat a path to our doorstep.  The addition of a filter to the water supply pipe above, makes us realize that even the simplest of inventions may require a great deal of customer community education to have the customer perceive a need, let alone perceive that you are able to provide a solution.

We must know the customer’s frame of reference to begin to enable to perceive that they have a problem and only then can we enable them to perceive that a solution exists… “Reasons to Buy”.  Even then, we must deal with the “Reasons Not To Buy” as noted above when the customer did not have the funds to buy the pipe with the filter, customer has higher priority things to deal with when they are being hunted, and also the cultural issues associated with the lack of trust in using a pipe, from an unknown sales person produced by a pipe and filter manufacture they nothing about (see Selling Process or Selling Model).

The more a product is innovative when compared to the alternatives already in use, the greater the sales professional must be skilled at educating the customer to perceive that they have a need and to educate the customer that they are capable of providing a solution.  This is oftentimes referred to as being culturally “distruptive” to the current way of doing things.

Reasons to Buy: A “Commodity” sales professional is selling a well known product to someone looking for a lower price and/or delivery schedule. Whereas, An “Innovation” sales professional must:

  1. Know a lot about the customer to be able to perceive that a customer has a need/problem that they have a fit/solution (i.e. connecting the dots)
  2. Get the customer to perceive their need/problem and perceive that the sales professional has a fit/solution…. Highly skilled at conceptual/solution selling.

Innovation sales professionals typically impact customer operations bringing about significant organizational improvement benefits with greater financial advantages (i.e. ROI and faster Payback):

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Market Share
  • Revenue
  • Margins
  • Risk Mitigation
  • In addition to Operating Cost Reductions

Reasons not to Buy: Both the Commodity and the Innovation sales professionals must overcome the ever present Reasons Not To Buy: Insufficient Funds, higher priority pressing matters impacting Timing and lack of Trust in the sales professional, product and/or product manufacturer.

See Selling Process or Selling Model in order get a better understanding ways of developing Reasons to Buy and overcoming Reasons not to Buy in order to achieve the sales objective of persuading customers to buy your product

Note: we are defining a “Product” as all hard goods, processes, methodologies and/or services.

If you would like to know more about our The Feature, Function & Benefit Framework and how to map out your strategic marketing, contact us (720) 352-3407 or email us at .

Public Relations

Prism Business Development – Public Relations (PR) Services

Public Relations or PR is the marketing communications discipline dedicated to increasing customer awareness, consideration and hit (predisposition to purchase) for your products and services “capabilities” and your company.

Our client PR service develops client strategies that start with identifying what an ideal customer community is and then sets out to educate, gain mindshare and to build confidence in your product, services and your company within that customer community.

To capture mind share requires that we develop our client’s name recognition. Therefore PR creates a brand image that can be used over and over again in customer communications in order to have the customer remember the brand and all of the information that has been provided.

Our PR services accomplish its task of educating and informing the customers by finding out where the customer’s hang out (where they congregate, what they read, where they get their information to conduct their business or live their lives) and provides these places with educational articles, technical discussions, customer surveys etc. A typical customer industry will have events, presentations, forums etc. where the PR activities will participate (i.e. trade shows, trade journals, trade press, user groups, trade associations, buyer’s guides, blogs, newsletters, trusted advisors etc).

Our PR services starts with a focus on performing missionary work to overcome the lack of awareness, consideration and low hit rate (pre-disposition to purchase). We first work to have the market maker customers perceive that they have a solvable problem and our client has proven capabilities to deliver high-value solutions (I refer to as connecting the dots).  Once this business is closed, implementation completed and promised benefits delivered to the market maker customers, we then publish this history as a success stories via landing pages and are able to capture leads to give to sales to qualify further and close the business. Please note that each and every customer’s situation is different and they may or may not perceive their problems, let alone connect the dots to your solution, and are definitely not actively “looking” for your capabilities (80% of the available market).  However, those already looking for a solution to their problems (Considered “Low Hanging Fruit” 20% of the available market) will relate to the PR communications and if curious and/or important enough will respond to a call to action.

Using methods to find customers already looking for your capabilities focuses on the low hanging fruit and ignores the 80% of the market that has not connected the dots.  For instance using Internet PR that relies on entirely on search engine leads may only provide you with access to only 20% of the market, assuming all of those looking use the Internet for their research, communications etc.  See our Solution Selling services to capture the other 80% market share.

If you would like to know more about our Public Relations services call us at (720) 352-3407 or email us at

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Strategic Marketing Partners (SMP) – Superior Marketing

Strategic Marketing Partners (SMP) – Superior Marketing

SMP provides the Superior Marketing complement to Superior Engineering.

These services address the age old adage:

“Superior Engineering coupled with inferior marketing loses every time to inferior engineering coupled with Superior Marketing”

We believe that engineering strives to provide superior products and/or services (capabilities) with the intent of seeing their efforts rewarded by Customers:

  1. Buying their products and/or services
  2. Enjoying its advantages and
  3. Realizing the benefits that the designs were intended to provide.

But, as the adage clearly states, the company must employ superior marketing for this to happen!

The more innovative capabilities are, the more critical it becomes to use Superior Marketing in order for end-users to be able to perceive that they have problems that are solved by new concept capabilities.

End-users must be able to perceive that they have problems that are solved by the superior engineering capabilities and this is the responsibility of superior marketing.

SMP is an industry leader in providing Superior Marketing for companies dedicated to providing Superior Engineering with innovative new capabilities. 

Prism Business Development is dedicated to aligning organizations operations (colors of the rainbow) to provide end-users with high customer value capabilities (pure white light) in the marketplace.

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To find out more how your company can avail themselves of SMP’s Superior Marketing capabilities, contact us or call (720) 304-2784.

Power CRM Sales Manager – Sales Aids, Tools & Content

Do you want to learn how successful Sales Managers are using CRMs to place skilled Sales Professionals in territories armed with the necessary tools to do their job producing results in the shortest possible time, then read on to discover the advantages you will enjoy as a top-notch Prism Power CRM Sales Manager!

You may be surprised as to how far the CRM has advanced in support of Sales Managers to staff, fast ramp-up to full productivity, enable high performance selling and minimize administrative overhead tasks for sales professionals.

Prism Power CRM Sales Managers are able to:

  • Accelerate the hiring of highly skilled sales professionals and equip them with information on how to get things done in your company
  • Arm your Sales Professionals with Commission Plans, Quotas & Territories and maintain focus on achieving goals
  • Enable your Sales Professionals to sell your company and its capabilities as the customer’s best solution, providing the highest customer value quickly
  • Form Sales Professionals cross-functional teams to identify opportunities, sell solutions, deliver capabilities and ensure that customers are served
  • Provide your Sales Team with resources to share goals, strategies and track tactical execution in the easiest most efficient manner, including mobile apps.
  • Arm your Sales Professionals with automation tools to conduct business, record and report sales execution successes, manage pipelines, and forecast accurately
  • Provide your Sales Professionals with real-time problem escalation and resolution, and access to management to request special accommodations
  • Provide visibility into Sales Team sales execution in order to provide mentoring, coaching, guidance and support to overcome difficulties as they arise
  • Support your efforts to gain recognition and capture company awards for your Sales Professionals and their Sales Support Team members

Thank you for your interest in Prism Power CRM Sales Manager capabilities. Please feel free to contact us by phone, fax, email, or simply fill in and submit the information Request Form below.  The information Request Form will ask you to provide information about your business needs to help us serve you better. This information will enable us to route your request to the appropriate person; you will receive a response within 2 business days.  We look forward to working with you.

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Marketing CRM Power Tools

Marketing CRM Power Tools

You want to learn how successful Marketing Managers are leveraging CRMs to deliver sales tools that optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the Sales Professionals in achieving revenue, margin and market share goals.

Read on to find out how you can find out how to optimize success by becoming a top-notch CRM enabled Marketing Manager…

You may be surprised as to how far the CRM has advanced in support of Marketing Management’s ability to focus sales activities on ideal customers in ideal industries that have high likelihood of buying their products and services. These Marketing Managers also know and understand the sales model, provide the tools needed to support the solution selling activities of the sales professional, team with sales to follow-up on leads, provide real-time competitive analysis, monitoring of products/services/programs market acceptance and customer partnerships relative to market requirements, beta tests, being a reference, success stories and executive exchanges.

Would you like to…

  • Work with SBUs to bring great products with high-customer value to market through ideal channels in a timely manner
  • Work with sales leaders to adopt SBU business goals, using commission plans and programs to focus and support the sales model execution
  • Provide the tools needed to support the solution selling activities of the sales professional including Product/Service Training and Marketing Programs
  • Develop case studies and customer success stories highlighting, What, Why, Where, When and How targeted ideal customers perceive “Reasons to Buy”
  • Provide Marketing Programs to Handle “Reasons Not To Buy” (i.e. customer incentives to take action now, provide funding alternatives and proof of concepts)
  • Identify and populate CRM with ideal customer industries, accounts and contact information, insights as to customer situations and key business issues
  • Delivery promotions that allow customers to recognize and identify their situation, underlying problems and your company’s proven ability to provide solutions
  • Generate customer “Looking” leads, transfer to sales to follow-up, and determine lead quality and recommendations to improve
  • Provide real-time Competitive Analysis with competitor sales strategies, tactics, and guidance as how to avoid competitor mine fields and how to lay mine fields
  • Be responsible for monitoring market acceptance, diagnosis of root cause problems and prescribing corrective action remedies
  • Gain recognition and capture company awards for your SBU, Marketing and Sales, Sales Support, Implementation and maintenance team members

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