All Roads Lead Back to Rome

All Roads Lead Back to Rome

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses is to gain “top of mind” share of ideal customers.  In marketing parlance Awareness, Consideration and Hit (ACH) moving up mind share level from:

  • Level 0. Not Recognized… Not Even Known as a Player
  • Level 1. Awareness… Recognized as a Player… Also Ran…
  • Level 2. Consideration… Recognized as a Major Player… To Be Considered
  • Level 3. Hit… Recognized as the industry de-facto standard and Must Be Considered… (with a predisposition to purchase).

This also assumes that you have identified ideal customers and the customer value you deliver by market segment such that you can research and state their market requirements that you address with your capabilities.

If you would like us to build your roads to have ideal customers knocking on your doors, contact us (720) 304-2784 or

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