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Prism Business Development - Aligning to Achieve Sales

Marketing Responsibilities

Marketing’s Responsibilities include:


  • Identify New Market Opportunities
  • Perform Market Research Proof-of-Concept for each Market Opportunity
  • Assist in Selecting Best New Product/Service or Initiative


  • Joint New Product/Initiative Chartered Team
  • Company Identity / Branding
  • Go-To-Market Plan
  • Product Identity / Branding
  • Sales & Sales Support Model
  • Assist Field Operations Channel Engagements
  • Target Ideal Customers
  • Demand Creation à Drive Migration from Unknown to Awareness, to Consideration, and to De-Facto Standard Customer Industry Recognition
  • Manage Lead Tracking
  • Arm/Enable Field Operations Channels
  • Assist in Field Operations Execution
  • Monitor Market Acceptance & Drive Corrective Action
  • Assist Field Operations in Problem Escalation
  • Management Reporting

When Does Marketing Lead the New Product/Service Initiative

  • Prove New Idea / Innovation
  • Marketing & Product Development
  • Early Sales & Manufacturing
  • Selling but not yet turning a profit
  • Expansion investments for Profitable Company
  • Going Public

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