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Sales Execution Critical Success Factors & Services

Sales Execution Critical Success Factors & Services

Prism Business Development provides services to ensure the success of its client’s sales organization by providing professional services including: Training, Coaching & Mentoring, Staff Augmentation and/or Proven Sales Leaders for Hire.

Services include providing these critical success factors:


      1. Company Business Objectives – define and assess alignment and focus on business objectives and operational goals
      2. Go-To-Market (GTM) Plan – nailing what are ideal/targeted markets to be addressed with what products and/or services (“capabilities”) you are planning to deliver, what is an ideal customer… why would the ideal customer buy your capabilities, and where/channel they would expect to be able to purchase, implement and support the solution
      3. Market Requirements Document (MRD) – nailing down the       functional specification of the capabilities to be offered to the targeted market
      4. Sales Model – define customer buying processes, define correlated
      5. Market Maker Test Marketing – identify target market Early Adopters, develop strategic customer partners, verify, validate and prove GTM Plan and refine Market Requirements Document (MRD), develop Customer Success Stories and Public Relations opportunitie


      1. Launch Plan – cross functional stakeholder project team       forming and plan development covering all aspects of introducing       capabilities to a target market including, engineering research and       development,  distribution, maintenance and support services deployment, sales collateral including and channel specific sales enablement and promotion


      1. Program/Initiative Execution Management – cross functional stakeholder team execution oversight and communications
      2. Sales Model Skills Enablement – Territory Management, Account Management, Opportunity Management, Sales Execution Management, Customer Buying Model, Selling Model, Activities, Tools and Sales Stage Completion criteria processes, methodologies, activities and tools
      3. Sales Management Model Skills Enablement – Selling System Model, coaching, mentoring, training processes, methodologies, activities and tools
      4. Sales Support Systems – Customer Co-Business       Assessment/Solution Design/Implementation Plan processes, methodologies, activities and tools
      5. Implementation Skills Enablement – solution implementation project management processes, methodologies, activities and tools
      6. Sales Collateral – capability descriptions/datasheets, white papers, customer success stories, Feature-Function-Customer Benefit statements, value analysis, competitive analysis, contracts, price lists, customer executive exchanges, and sales model tools
      7. Channel Specific Sales Enablement – products and/or services training, including target markets and industry problems, industry solutions… why people buy… customer benefits and financial analysis, competitive analysis, marketing collateral use, order processing
      8. Channel Specific Promotion Plan – white papers, brochures, datasheets, trade event presentation, trade articles, blogs, buyer’s guides, sales campaigns… email, webinars, social nets
      9. Selling Professional Customer Relationship Management Tools – assessing needs, selecting CRM tools, designing CRM solutions aligned to needs, configuring, implementing CRM(s), sales activity workload sizing tools, populating CRM with sales execution professional tools and aides, sales lead management, execution monitoring and management dashboards, sales execution difficulty problem alarms, sales execution problem root cause analysis, sales manager coaching and mentoring tools, , customer benefits derived analysis and reporting
      10. Sales Systems Management Review and Continuous Improvement – initiative program management, cross functional stakeholder team management, execution performance monitoring, milestone completion monitoring, benefits derived monitoring, and management reporting

Hardcopy version Sales Execution Critical Success Factors & Services

Sales Execution Critical Success Factors & Services

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